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Buying: How Bidding Works

Bidding on is easy, secure, and fast. Here’s how it works:

1. Register to Bid

  • Register to Bid. You need to register with a card and a temporary hold of AED 500 ($136 USD). 
  • The hold is automatically refunded if you do not win the auction.
    • All transactions are processed securely by Stripe
  • Remember the buyer’s fee is 5% of the final sale price
  • Get familiar with our FAQ – this is important!

2. Review the Listing

  • Review the auction to learn more about the vehicle on auction
  • Ask the seller about the car via the Ask a Question section

3. Place your Bid

  • If you’re outbid, return to the auction page to place another bid.
  • For your convenience, the system has automatic bidding . This allows you to submit your max bid. The system will automatically submit the lowest bid possible to keep you in the lead.

After the Auction

  • If you’re the winner, you will need to pay the remaining 5% Buyer’s Fee.
    • All paid? We will then connect you directly with the seller to complete the sale!
  • Didn’t win? No worries. We automatically release the AED 1500 ($136) card hold in 7 days.
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