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Our Origin Story

The idea for No Lemons came in the early summer of 2021. We love cars. Ok fine, we might be a bit obsessed. But we all hated the process of searching, checking and buying a cool (used) car. We got tired of ‘hunting’ on random websites, taking the time to drive to a seller, and searching in seriously sketchy car markets. We often found the car for sale was nothing like one advertised online. And figuring out the car’s issues and if the seller was being honest was dreadful.

Unfortunately the experience is the same whether you’re shopping for a (used) Jeep Wrangler or a Ferrari 599 or something in between. And if you want something even more special? Say a Typhoon, Viper ACR, a 930 Turbo, R33 GT-R or a S2000? Or maybe E46 BMW M3, a manual Cayenne Turbo, or a bone stock Mustang GT?      Good luck. You’ll need to go down the rabbit hole(s) of owner whatsapp groups, random instagram pages, or know a guy at ‘that’ garage. It shouldn’t be so hard to find a great (and fairly priced) car, especially not in 2022.

Don’t even get us started about selling. Got an interesting and cool car that you’re letting go? Prepare yourself for endless “last price” messages, low-ballers, tire kickers, spirited test-drives, and endless requests for more ‘information’. Then repeat it all again next weekend on your precious and hard-earned day off. I think we can all agree selling is possibly the worst part of owning an enthusiast car.

No Lemons is here to reimagine the way cars are found, sold, bought. Join us in making it better for every enthusiast.


Too long; didn’t read? We got you:

  • Boring commuter cars. Not interesting.
  • Cars with misleading or dishonest descriptions. Not cool.
  • Sellers that are dishonest or hide issues and repairs. Not welcome
  • Haggling sellers. Let’s treat each other with respect. Every car has its fair price. Don’t be that guy trying to get it for a ‘steal’. Not nice.
  • Fees just to sign up. Not here.
  • Cool cars are sold here
  • Honest cars with 100% transparency about all issues, faults, and imperfections
  • Inspections for each and every car. It’s your right to know what your buying
  • Pro photography for all cars. Beauty shots and scratches, we want to see it all.
  • Fair fees for results. 5% for buyers and 2% for sellers only when deals are done.
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