2004 Renault Megane Sport

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This 2004 2.0 litre turbocharged Megane Sport is a great example of a French hot-hatch from mid 2000’s. It represents the dying breed of utilitarian cars that could crush the clock on the track.

  • This hot-hatch was originally imported from Japan and has since had multiple mechanical upgrades
  • The vehicle was maintained at the Dubai Renault dealer since March 2021
  • Equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged engine that transfers power to the front though a 6-speed manual
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • VIN (Chassis #): VF1CM0M0640627325
  • Engine: 2.0 Turbo, inline-4
  • Drivetrain: FWD
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Mileage: 190000
  • Mileage Type: km
  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Interior Color: Black/Grey
  • Registration Status: Registered, Dubai


This Megane Sport has been owned by its current owner for 1.5 years and has ~190k kms on the dash. The current owner added about 21k kms since purchasing it. The main focus was restoring and upgrading it mechanically with a few body mods. The owner reports no overheating issues and a cold AC. Moreover, the owner has laid the ground work to start adding performance bolt-ons (intercooler, exhaust, tuning, etc).

There’s a precision to the Megane’s behaviour that runs through every dynamic aspect of its chassis. The ride is stiff and controlled yet never crashy, while the steering is well weighted and positive. Turn the wheel and the reaction at ground level is instant and sharp, and although the final notch of detail is missing from the steering’s feedback, it’s rarely distracted by bumps and cambers, even when giving it full beans at low speed…its responses are crisp and it’s a perfect match for the composure of the chassis, making for a seriously quick and exploitable hot hatch…There’s an honesty to the Renaultsport Megane.” – Roger Green, Evo Magazine


Over the past 1.5 years the owner has done numerous mechanical upgrades and maintenance. Installation of mechanical parts was largely done at Rostamani, the Renault dealer in Dubai, UAE. The majority of spare parts were ordered by the owner. Full details including installation dates can be found in the History Report.

Engine & Mechanical

  • Full service (this includes new auxiliary belt with tensioner, Cam belt, and water pump)
  • Lightweight crank pulley
  • Replaced transmission fluid
  • All engine, transmission and exhaust mounts replaced
  • Replaced leaking fuel lines with solid weather and heatproof rubber hoses
  • New OEM Renault fuel pump with gasket kit
  • New OEM Renault injector coils with connector wiring clips
  • New NGK Iridium spark plugs
  • New OEM Renault engine knock sensor
  • New low-temperature thermostat & coolant reservoir
  • New Ammaron battery

Note: The owner also reports the engine oil has always replaced on time at the Renault Service Center or at Apostrophe Auto in Dubai using Motul 5W40.

Induction & Exhaust Upgrades

  • ITG maintenance free panel filter
  • Forge blow-off valve with silicon hose
  • Forge blow-off valve spring kit (red spring which is the hardest)
  • K-Tec Racing recirculating valve blanking kit
  • K-Tec Racing performance down-pipe

Suspension Upgrades

  • New original cup shocks (all 4 sides)
  • New Cooksport lowering springs
  • Wheel spacers front and back for a wider stance at Pure Motorsports
  • Replaced all 4 brake discs with OEM Brembos
  • Replaced all 4 brake pads (Ferodo on the front and OEM Brembos on the rear)
  • 18 inch OEM Renault Phase 2 anthracite wheels (18 inch)
  • Replaced all 4 tires with Kumho Ecsta 235/40/R18 dated 42-20

Interior Repairs

Interior reupholstery, and repair was done by Raed at Roz Design in Al Quoz Dubai, UAE included:

  • Replaced sagging roof liner
  • Fixed peeling leather on door side panels and arm rests
  • Re-upholstered the steering wheel and gear shifter

Exterior Modifications:

  • OEM Renault Phase 2 tail-lights
  • Osram bright white LED fog lights and number plate lights
  • 3M 50% tint on the sides and rear windows
  • 3M clear/transparent heat rejection tint on the front windscreen
  • Replaced all bulbs for the front headlights and rear taillights


Full details on this vehicle’s condition and issues can be found in the Inspection Report.

Message from the owner regarding the check engine light and door mirrors folding switch as described in the Inspection Report:

“The car is currently showing a check engine light due to the catless downpipe (a common thing with Japenese spec Meganes); the plan was to get the car tuned but I never got the time to do this. This issue can be resolved once a map tune is done (example: through Ktec’s remote tuning) or by adding a spacer to the O2 sensor. I will also be supplying the original downpipe with the car, should the new owner choose to revert to stock (doing so will get rid of the check engine message).”

“They (door mirrors) do fold, however, Renault unfortunately wired the new side mirror switch I supplied them incorrectly. If you press down the mirror button instead of rotating it, the mirrors fold in and out. I never got the time to visit Renault and get this fixed (at their expense).”






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