• 500 reasons to smile

    Since the time a gorilla-looking man invented the wheel, we, as humans, have been trying to go places faster, bigger and more comfortably. The need for something bigger is in our guts…

    No, seriously, if you compare the wheelbase of the 2022 3-series and the E38 740, the difference would be less than 3 inches.

  • Kit Car

    Ideally this article should’ve started from historical reference to one of the greatest battles of Le Mans or a man with a different vision blah blah blah…

    Although I am a huge motorsports fan and respect how legendary of an icon Carroll Shelby was, I think that all of that only applies to the original Cobras; the ones built in sheds with the sole purpose of going racing.

    So, what exactly is a Factory Five Racing (FFR) Cobra? 

  • Big Fat Dog.

    As it’s the first No Lemons blog, I guess I should start by saying hi, and if you ended up here, you probably already know what we’re about. We’re all about cars, we love them, we live them, and I personally have an unhealthy relationship with one of them.

    Ok, RS4, where should I start…

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