Why do you want to know all the issues and faults? Is this really necessary?

Yes. We only post comprehensive auction listings. The cars are obviously not brand-new, no-one should expect them to be perfect. If we ignore or hide faults, buyers will not have the confidence to bid nor commit to buying a car online. Even worse, the winner of the auction (the buyer) could rightfully refuse buying the car if known faults (especially major ones) are hidden. 

In contrast, by describing issues and photographing any faults, we can actually achieve higher auction prices and improve odds of a successful sale. Every used vehicle has some faults, and everything has a price. Lets be open to ensure that both buyers and sellers know what they are dealing with.

In short, put yourself in the shoes of the buyers. Imagine you were buying this car online. What would you like/need to see and know before paying?

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