How Selling Works

The NoLemons Approach

At NoLemons we want to help you:

  1. Maximize the chance your car sells 
  2. Get you a great price for your car
  3. Save you time and unnecessary stress

We aim to give as much information as possible upfront to buyers. That way buyers are able to fully evaluate your car online. 

We have 3 steps before your car can go live on auction.

1. Garage Inspection

New vehicles under warranty do not require the inspection

Most cars we list are used and well beyond the coverage of a factory warranty. As such, we usually require a pre-purchase inspection at one of our partner garages. Why?

  • Being honest and transparent. This actually increases the number of offers you will receive. 
  • Honesty is the only policy. We don’t require your car to be perfect or fault-free. It’s perfectly fine to sell with NoLemons even if the car needs some work.
  • Buyer’s deserve to know the full story. Sellers don’t want any last minute negotiations or worse a buyer back out.
  • NoLemons works with multiple garages and we prefer specialists whenever available.
  • Vehicles with a valid warranty are usually exempt

2. Professional Photography

We work with several automotive photographers who have experience with shooting enthusiast cars. Your car will get up to 100 photos and 4-5 videos. Why?

  • To show everything a buyer might want to know – online
  • Our photographers can meet you at multiple locations. Sometimes we can even shoot at your home (if you have a suitable location).

3. Creating Your Vehicle Post

Our team of writers will prepare and organize your post from A to Z. All you have to do is provide us the info and share documents. 

  • Your car’s story: How long you’ve had it, what you’ve done to it and more
  • Ownership documents (vehicle registration card, title or similar)
  • Past service and maintenance records (dealer and garage)
  • Warranty and service contract (if applicable)
  • Past repair and accident repair bills (if applicable)

Please share copies/photos of any of the above. The more the merrier.

How Do I Get Started?

  • We will send you contact details to set up appointments for your garage inspection and photography session.
    • Choose the earliest date and time that works for you. 
  • Remember, first come first served. The faster you complete these steps the earlier your car goes live!

  • Important
    • Your car cannot be sold externally during the auction.
    • Your car cannot be advertised on any websites, pages or channels. Any ads must be removed before proceeding.
    • Our team will manage all buyer communication on your behalf
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