The Sale Process

Congratulations! You are at the final stage of buying or selling your car.

Here are the 4 steps you need to follow to complete the sale and registration of your car.

These instructions are for the following conditions:

Seller: You are a resident or citizen of the UAE with a privately owned car.

Buyer: You are a resident of Dubai or a citizen of UAE who wishes to register the car in your name. 

Vehicle status: The car is in the seller’s name with valid registration in Dubai. The car has no mortgage (also referred to as a bank loan).

Step 1: Sign the vehicle sales agreement

NoLemons will send both parties an online vehicle sale agreement to your provided email address. The agreement contains all IDs, buyer and seller personal information, vehicle registration details and the agreed upon payment method (bank transfer, bank branch visit, or cash).

Buyer & Seller Fee: Any fees owed to NoLemons for facilitation of the sale and/or auction will also be detailed.

Deposit: A deposit from the buyer is required at this time. Please note this deposit is non-refundable. Exceptions will only be made for material misrepresentation or a material change to the vehicle. Any payment made will be deducted from the final sale price.

Step 2: Payment Setup

The seller and buyer agree on the payment method (bank transfer, bank branch deposit or cash).

Note on bank transfer timelines: If you opt for bank transfer please allow for sufficient time for funds to be received and reflected in the seller’s bank account. By UAE law the seller must receive the full funds before transferring the vehicle registration at the RTA. Sellers will not be able to transfer the vehicle registration to the buyer if the funds have been sent but are still in transit or processing. Please note sellers do not have legal recourse after the vehicle is transferred to the buyer’s name.

Step 3: Buy car insurance

The buyer must have a valid insurance policy before registering the car in their name. Insurance is also available at most RTA centers but it is generally cheaper and faster if you buy it ahead of time. NoLemons can connect you with several providers of third party or comprehensive (full) insurance at the lowest rates.

If you wish to avail insurance (third party or comprehensive) via NoLemons please share the following documents: Emirates ID (front and back) and UAE driving license (front and back).

Step 4: Meet at the RTA

The buyer and seller meet at a nearby RTA center with the vehicle during working hours to complete the transfer. Please bring original Emirates IDs, vehicle registration card and the license plates (front and back).

Note: For clarification the vehicle transfer fees are to be paid by the buyer. Traffic fines and any unresolved traffic matters are the sole responsibility of the seller.

Information and exact RTA fees can be found on the links below: 

Transfer & Registration in Dubai: Apply for Changing a Vehicle Ownership

Transfer & Registration to Another Emirate: Vehicle Transfer from Dubai to Another Emirate

All done? Send us a pic of your new ride!

Please reach out if you need anything else.

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